Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop

Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop


Learn the essence of Management 3.0 during an engaging leadership workshop led by an experienced Management 3.0 Facilitator.

The Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop covers theoretical and practical agile management, with a strong focus on tools that you can use directly after attending the workshop. It was created for software development but has been adopted by all sorts of agile teams around the world.

Topics in this workshop will be interesting for team leads, managers, leaders, agile coaches, scrum mastersproject managers and especially those who are working in remote environments.


In the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop you will learn about the essence of Management 3.0, focusing on practices you can use right-away.

Martie, the six-eyed Management Monster symbolizes the six organizational views which are covered during a Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop.

Each Foundation Workshop covers six views on organizations plus the basics of Management & Leadership as well as Complexity Thinking.

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Experience Management 3.0 online. Live Workshops lead by Facilitators worldwide. 

Meet your facilitator

Álvaro D’Alessandro

Nimble Evolution Founder & CEO

Number of events held: 26

Holds events in Brazil and United States of America

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The Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop can be delivered online or in-person.

Online it consists of five live remote sessions of three and half hours (seventeen and half hours in total).

Online it consists of five live remote sessions of three and a half hours (seventeen and half hours in total).

In-person, it consists of sixteen hours, typically running over two full days.

To receive the official certificate, you must attend all online or in-person sessions.

For attending a Foundation Workshop you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance and it allows you to become a facilitator yourself within one year.

Our Agile Leadership Facilitators can adapt management 3.0 workshops to the specific needs of the audience and can also teach in-house to whole organizations or teams. If you would like to bring this experience to your team through a private class, please reach us at

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