Mitre Charts an Agile Future with Jira and Support from Nimble Evolution

Discover how Mitre, a traditional construction and real estate company, uses Jira to streamline internal processes and enhance team synergy.

With over 50 years of history, Mitre is a traditional construction and real estate company that develops medium to high-standard projects in São Paulo.

The company has always achieved good results, but recently it accelerated its growth rate, reflected in a significant increase in the number of employees, from around 100 to 400 in less than two years.

The Challenge of Scaling a Transparent and Collaborative Work Environment

With a team four times larger and a rapidly expanding business, Mitre realized that it needed to better organize some essential processes to ensure work control and organization without creating silos or bureaucracy, which would be detrimental to the business.

Gabriela Canfora, Director of New Business at Mitre, notes that real estate projects generally involve many stages, such as feasibility analysis, negotiation, project approval, registration, and need to involve different teams, such as commercial, legal, and financial.

In Mitre’s history, this flow always ran very well and naturally, with small teams of employees who had been working together for some time.

However, with the exponential growth they were experiencing, it was necessary to have a more robust support structure to ensure the high quality of teamwork.

“We needed technology that would allow us to scale collaborative work, with processes running better, with more quality, visibility, and speed.” – Gabriela Canfora, Director of New Business.

Gabriela took on the responsibility of finding a solution that would meet the challenges of ensuring high quality, efficiency of internal processes, and operations while maintaining the dynamism of routines.

After conducting a competitive analysis with various suppliers, it became clear that the proposal from Nimble Evolution, using Jira as the platform and focusing on the collaborative flow, could uniquely combine control and visibility, agility, and organization.


Jira + Nimble Evolution: A Tailored Solution for All Challenges

Gabriela mentions that initially, the Mitre team thought that a solution specialized in the real estate market would be the best option. However, the numerous possibilities of Jira, customized and adapted by Nimble Evolution, overcame any resistance that might have existed.

“Jira is a flexible tool that can be shaped according to your needs. For us, this is very important because Mitre is in constant change and evolution.” – Gabriela Canfora, Director of New Business.

The first step taken by Nimble Evolution was an immersion to learn more about Mitre and its work dynamics.

According to Gabriela, this was a differentiator for the Nimble Evolution team, which was genuinely concerned with understanding the needs of the business, the sector, and the teams to adapt Jira to Mitre’s specific flows and challenges.

“Our business is very particular. It was crucial to have Nimble available to understand what we needed and customize the solution for our work context, suggesting improvements and helping us make the most of the platform.” – Gabriela Canfora, Director of New Business.

The advantages of Jira were felt right from the start of its use.

Even during the implementation phase, Mitre realized that even with a well-defined flowchart, Jira pointed to new, even more interesting possibilities.

Thus, it was possible to make adjustments quickly during the process, creating different interface dynamics between areas and internal flows that made the construction company’s daily routine more efficient.

The various teams adopted Jira with ease, and today, the solution already manages all processes in the New Business, Products, Licensing, and Legal areas.

Besides the connection and fluidity between teams, Jira allowed for the consolidation of project information in one place, facilitating activity control and offering greater visibility of deadlines, bottlenecks, and tasks.

Today, it can be said that Mitre has managed to scale teamwork in these processes and run them with even more fluidity and visibility, unlike when the team was smaller.

Project by project, the company builds and consolidates a culture of scalable, efficient teamwork, ready to evolve continuously.

For future plans, the company aims to replicate the success of Jira’s use in other areas and expand the adoption of Atlassian solutions by implementing Confluence as a knowledge base and tool to further facilitate the expansion of the large team of talents.

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Maximizing User Adoption of the Corporate Helpdesk through a User-Friendly Experience - Migration from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management

Discover how one of the global leaders in asset management for institutional and individual investors achieved a significant increase in user adoption after migrating from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management. With the implementation of this new tool, the company eliminated ticket creation via phone and email, optimizing processes and improving customer service efficiency. This strategic change not only simplified workflows but also provided a more integrated and satisfying experience for everyone involved.

When the company began searching for tools to meet its needs, three requirements stood out as paramount. First, it was essential that the new solution provided an easily accessible and adoptable user experience. Ease of use was considered crucial to ensure that all employees could quickly adopt the new tool without difficulties, thereby promoting more efficient and widespread use of the platform.

Second, it was imperative that the environment had the necessary flexibility to support not only the company’s IT Service Management (ITSM) processes but also more complex approvals in specific cases. The tool’s customization capability was a decisive factor, as the company needed to ensure that the system could be adapted to meet various operational and governance needs.

Third, the system’s flexibility should allow the company to continue evolving and adjusting its internal processes without constantly relying on third parties for customizations that could compromise process evolutions. The choice of the right tool aimed not only to solve immediate challenges but also to ensure that its usability would enable employees to automate, expand, and evolve their processes easily and efficiently.

When it comes to a platform capable of meeting all the mentioned requirements, Jira Service Management stands out as an exemplary solution. The ease with which users can submit requests through the help portal is one of the main differentiators, providing an intuitive and hassle-free experience. Agents also benefit from the platform, as it simplifies the handling of requests, allowing for more efficient and agile demand management.

Additionally, administrators find in Jira Service Management an interface that facilitates workflow configuration changes and process automation. This is possible thanks to Atlassian’s philosophy of designing solutions aimed at offering an experience where no programming knowledge is required. The system works similarly to a set of Lego pieces, where administrators can fit the desired components to evolve and customize processes practically and intuitively.

This modular and user-friendly approach allows the contracting company to adapt the tool to its specific needs, ensuring that internal processes can be automated, expanded, and evolved without constantly relying on developers or external consultants, making Jira Service Management one of the few tools that meet the third requirement.

After selecting the tool, Nimble Evolution was designated to lead the implementation process. A team of specialists was mobilized to analyze, adapt, and integrate the company’s processes, applying market best practices. With their extensive experience, the consultants managed to migrate all knowledge bases, structure the help portal, and implement the complex change process in just three months. This efficiency ensured that within one quarter, the company already observed a significant change in organizational culture. Employees began using the new tool, replacing the direct submission of requests to agents via phone calls and emails.

"A few days after the migration, our agents observed a significant reduction in the number of requests received outside the help portal. This change resulted in a notable increase in agent productivity and customer satisfaction. Now, customers can track the status of their tickets in real time, improving transparency and efficiency in service. This real-time monitoring and interaction capability has been fundamental in raising customer confidence in our team and the established deadlines."

The migration process comprised the following steps:

  • Analysis and understanding of the client’s current structure on ServiceNow;

  • Identification of the main reported issues and reasons for customer non-adherence;

  • Development of the help portal solution on Jira Service Management and the company’s change process;

  • Configuration of the change process and its customized approvals;

  • Configuration of the incident and request processes to be used by the company;

  • Migration of knowledge bases;

  • Configuration of BI indicators;

  • Homologation with key clients, technical team members, and administrators;

  • Training of team leaders;

  • Go-live of the tool with technical support.

After the successful migration and change in company culture, Nimble Evolution continues to offer support through a help portal where clients can clarify doubts, request improvements, and enhance the use of Atlassian products. Additionally, we hold frequent meetings to inform clients about the latest developments in the Atlassian universe, ensuring they are always up-to-date with the best practices and technologies for their environment.

For more information on how Jira Service Management can help you encourage customer adoption and use of your processes, contact us at

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Discover How a Major Insurance Company Empowered Hundreds of Professionals in DevSecOps with Nimble Evolution

In this case study, we’ll explore the collaboration between Nimble Evolution and one of the leading insurance companies in Brazil. The company sought to enhance its product delivery approach by incorporating modern, agility-centered and security-focused practices like DevOps and DevSecOps. In response to this need, Nimble Evolution proposed and implemented a comprehensive DevSecOps training program for hundreds of the insurance company’s employees.

Challenge: The insurance company faced common challenges in the technology sector, including the need to increase product delivery efficiency, ensure the security of customer data, and promote a culture of collaboration and innovation. Additionally, there was a knowledge gap regarding agile, DevOps, and DevSecOps practices, which integrate product delivery, IT operations, and security.

Solution: Nimble Evolution developed a customized training program tailored to the specific needs of the insurance company. The 20-hour program, divided into 5 days, was delivered to multiple classes to accommodate hundreds of employees, ensuring an interactive and personalized learning experience with concepts and various group activities. The training covered a wide range of topics, incorporating the following key DevOps concepts:

Flow: Participants learned about the importance of optimizing workflow, reducing bottlenecks and delays in the product delivery lifecycle. This involved process automation, environment standardization, and waste elimination, aiming for continuous delivery of value to customers.

Feedback: The need to establish a fast and continuous feedback loop between product delivery, operations, and security teams was emphasized. This included implementing practices like continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous monitoring, enabling early problem identification and rapid deviation correction.

Continuous Learning and Experimentation: Participants were encouraged to adopt a mindset of continuous learning and experimentation, constantly seeking improvements in processes and product delivery. This involved creating a culture that values experimentation, resilience, and the ability to learn from mistakes.

The training was included in the recommended training curriculum for all new employees joining the company, so everyone started with the same mindset of collaboration, agility, and continuous improvement.

Results: After completing the training program, the insurance company’s employees demonstrated a deep understanding of DevSecOps principles and practices, including the three DevOps paths and continuous experimentation. Additionally, the following results were observed:

Efficiency Improvement: The implementation of DevSecOps practices resulted in a significant improvement in product delivery efficiency, with shorter delivery cycles and higher final product quality.

Increased Security: The insurance company strengthened its cyber defenses by integrating security from the beginning of the product delivery process, resulting in a significant reduction in vulnerabilities and security risks, a distinctive feature of DevSecOps.

Collaboration Culture: The organizational culture of the insurance company underwent a positive transformation, with product delivery, operations, and security teams working more collaboratively and integratively, breaking down silos, as advocated by DevSecOps.

The culture of collaboration began during the training, where participants presented practices used in their teams that could be applied to others.

Conclusion: The case of implementing DevSecOps training in the insurance company illustrates the positive impact that a security-centered and collaborative approach, incorporating the three DevOps paths, can have across various sectors. The partnership between Nimble Evolution and the insurance company demonstrates the value of investing in talent development and adopting modern software engineering practices to drive innovation and security.

Exploring Agility Trends: My Experience at the Agile International Conference

On May 2nd, I had the pleasure of attending an agility-focused event in Miami, proudly representing Nimble Evolution. As one of the exhibitors at the event, I witnessed a gathering of brilliant minds passionate about agility, both among the speakers and the participants.

The event, focused on agility, brought together highly qualified individuals who shared their experiences and insights on how agility can drive innovation and business success. Among the memorable talks, I highlight Rick Regueira’s inspiring keynote, exploring the intersection of innovation and inspiration.

One of the most striking presentations was by Marcelo Lopez and Arthur Zigman, renowned agilists with extensive experience, who addressed the crucial question: “Is transformation what the business really needs?” Their thought-provoking reflections encouraged a deep analysis of the true objectives behind agile transformation initiatives.

In addition to the engaging presentations, we had the opportunity to interact with various event participants at our booth. A particularly stimulating conversation was with Christopher Peacock, a speaker and CIO & Chief Architect at OmniHR. We discussed emerging agility trends and how to align them with specific business needs.

This event was much more than just a conference; it was a vibrant forum for exchanging ideas, experiences, and visions on the transformative role of agility in modern business. I am excited to bring the valuable insights and learnings I gained to Nimble Evolution, and eager to apply them in our projects and approaches to working with our clients.

Picture of Raphael Morrissy

Raphael Morrissy

Delivery Executive / Partnerships Specialist

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Exploring New Horizons in ITSM: My Experience at Support World Live

From April 29th to May 1st, I had the privilege of attending Support World Live in Denver, a prominent event in the field of IT Service Management (ITSM). Representing Nimble Evolution, my company, I immersed myself in an environment filled with innovation and exciting trends.

The event was a true celebration of emerging technologies and best practices in ITSM. I was fascinated to discover the latest tools integrated with artificial intelligence, promising to revolutionize how we manage IT services. The emphasis on automation was also inspiring, showing how we can streamline processes and increase efficiency in our organization.

However, it was the keynotes that truly stood out and left a lasting impression on me. Manley Feinberg, with his lecture on leadership and overcoming challenges, offered profound insights into facing adversity and leading teams effectively. His unique approach and captivating stories deeply resonated with me and everyone in attendance.

Additionally, Julia Landauer’s presentation, a NASCAR champion, was truly inspiring. She shared her incredible journey, from initial challenges to impressive achievements, demonstrating the importance of determination, resilience, and perseverance. Her lecture was a powerful reminder that with passion and hard work, we can achieve great feats, even in the face of the greatest adversity.

At the Nimble booth, we had the opportunity to interact with participants and discuss solutions offered by Atlassian, such as Jira Service Management and Confluence. These enriching conversations reinforced our conviction that we are on the right path by offering technologies that drive efficiency and collaboration at every stage of IT service management.

During the event, I also had the opportunity to attend inspiring case studies, such as those from Duquesne University, with the theme “Revolutionizing Customer Experience: Duquesne University’s Journey from ITSM to ESM,” and Boeing, with the theme “Past, Present, and Future: The Digital Transformation of Boeing’s Enterprise Service Desk.” These real-life cases highlighted the challenges and opportunities encountered by renowned organizations, offering valuable lessons on innovation and excellence in ITSM.

I am eager to bring all this knowledge to Nimble Evolution’s clients and participants in the training programs our company offers. These learnings not only empower us to deliver even more effective solutions but also inspire us to lead with excellence and constantly pursue innovation in everything we do.

Picture of Samanta Aragão

Samanta Aragão

Agile Coach / Quality Assurance

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Exploring Atlassian Team '24: Connections, Innovations, and Future Perspectives

I’m truly excited to share my experience at the Atlassian Team ’24 event! First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to the Nimble Evolution team for providing me with the opportunity to participate and collaborate in this exceptional event. The dedication and commitment of all team members were crucial.

Presenting our solutions to a diverse audience of clients and partners was extremely rewarding, and I am deeply grateful for the chance to contribute, as well as to meet and understand how other partners work and operate in the Atlassian ecosystem.

I want to extend my thanks to everyone involved in the success of the Atlassian Team ’24 event. It was a true honor to participate, and I look forward to discovering with Nimble what the future holds for us.

Key highlights of the event


The future of project management: Integrated Jira!

Atlassian has combined the most effective features of Jira Work Management and Jira Software into a single platform, enhanced with advanced artificial intelligence features:

  • Automatically break down complex tasks.
  • Enhance the clarity of issue summaries through automatic reviews.
  • Convert natural language into automation instructions.


A comprehensive solution for all types of teams, from engineering teams to marketing teams. Simplify and strengthen your project management with the new Jira!

  • During this year’s Team ’24, Atlassian made several standout announcements, including the launch of its newest product: Atlassian Rovo. This product represents the result of the latest advances in AI technology, developed to assist teams in collaborating more effectively and making faster, data-driven decisions. This new AI technology focuses on turning data into direct actions: streamlining the search, assimilation, and implementation of insights from various internal sources.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a dominant presence in the world of technology, and Atlassian tools are at the forefront of this revolution. With the introduction of advanced AI features such as intelligent automation, predictive data analysis, and virtual assistants, Atlassian tools are standing out as powerful solutions for teams worldwide. Instead of fearing replacement by the advancement of AI, we professionals and experts must embrace these technologies as powerful allies. AI is empowering experts, enabling them to reach new heights of productivity and innovation. By integrating artificial intelligence into their workflow, teams are preparing for a future of success and excellence.
  • Atlassian further enhanced cloud data protection with the launch of Atlassian Guard. This is especially relevant in the era of remote work, where potentially sensitive data can be accessed through various client devices.

Some interesting data presented in the opening keynote

More than 300,000 Atlassian customers are currently spread across over 200 countries worldwide.

How I Love Automation! Automation has become essential, serving 200,000 cloud customers with an incredible 1 billion operations per month – that’s an impressive 400 every second!

Last year, Atlassian released an impressive range of 1,000 features! During Team ’24, around 30 new features were unveiled, all focused on enhancing Atlassian Intelligence – artificial intelligence is gaining prominence in the Atlassian ecosystem.

These technologies are helping professionals from various fields to work more efficiently and effectively. Intelligent automation, for example, allows them to automate repetitive and tedious tasks, freeing up time for more strategic and creative activities. Predictive data analysis provides valuable insights into trends and patterns, empowering teams to make more informed and assertive decisions.

In addition, virtual assistants are simplifying interaction with Atlassian tools, offering real-time support and guidance. With instant responses and personalized assistance, these assistants are becoming indispensable allies for professionals in their daily work journeys.

During the Event We had the privilege of establishing incredible connections and enjoying enriching conversations with a variety of people aligned with our values – clients, market partners, and solution collaborators. It is truly inspiring to witness how the Atlassian community has flourished over the years!

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and mutual support to drive growth within this ecosystem. Together, we are capable of achieving what would be impossible individually. By sharing knowledge and experiences, we enrich our collective journey.

Participating in this event provided us with a valuable opportunity for learning, networking, and idea exchange. We look forward to continuing to build and strengthen our partnerships for mutual success.

Overview of the event

With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) taking over more technical tasks, the focus is now on interpersonal skills, known as soft skills. While hard skills continue to be valued, such as technical proficiency, it is the ability to understand the customer’s pains and processes that becomes essential. These skills involve deep empathy, effective communication, and collaboration, enabling professionals to fully understand customer needs and effectively translate them into tools and solutions. Therefore, investing in the development of soft skills will be vital to stand out, while more technical tasks are taken over by AI. Understanding customer pains and needs and effectively integrating them into tools become the key differentiators for professional success.

If you didn’t have the chance to attend the event or visit our booth, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help!

We look forward to seeing you next year in Anaheim!

Picture of Marco Santinho

Marco Santinho

Consultor Implantação Atlassian Sênior

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Migration from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management – increasing efficiency and reducing costs

Discover how migrating from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management boosted efficiency and slashed costs for one of Brazil’s largest conglomerates in transportation and logistics. With a strategic approach and specialized team, the seamless transition resulted not only in substantial savings but also in more agile and adaptable processes. Learn how this transformative change reshaped operational dynamics and bolstered the company’s competitive position in the market. Dive into the details of this journey of innovation and operational excellence now.

When it comes to choosing the right platform for service management, flexibility is key. Jira Service Management stands out by offering a host of significant advantages over ServiceNow, providing unparalleled flexibility to tailor to each client’s individual processes, whether for ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) or ESM (Enterprise Service Management).

In this context, the holding company of one of Brazil’s largest transportation and logistics groups migrated all its ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) and ESM (Enterprise Service Management) processes from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management. This transition not only boosted the group’s operational efficiency but also resulted in a substantial reduction in maintenance and support costs.

By opting for Jira Service Management, the group aimed to streamline its service management processes, gaining more flexibility and adaptability to meet the constantly evolving market demands. With a specialized team from Nimble Evolution leading the migration, the process was completed smoothly and within the set timeframe, an impressive 3 months only.

“The migration to Jira Service Management was a crucial strategic decision for our company. We are extremely pleased with the results achieved so far. Our users consistently provide feedback on the ease of use and modernity of JSM’s features. Not only have we simplified our internal processes, but we have also increased our responsiveness to customer demands, which is essential in our highly dynamic industry.”

Jira Service Management offers a highly customizable and scalable platform, enabling the group to quickly adapt to changes and expand its operations as needed. Additionally, seamless integration with other tools has fostered closer collaboration between teams, resulting in efficient communication and agile issue resolution.

During this migration journey, ITSM and ESM processes from over a dozen companies within the group were implemented in Jira Service Management, spanning from essential ITSM practices to specific services such as uniform requests, marketing campaigns, procurement requests, among others.

The tangible benefits of the migration were immediately evident, with a reduction in operational costs and a significant improvement in incident resolution speed. Furthermore, customer satisfaction substantially increased due to greater transparency and enhanced communication throughout the support process.

“By migrating to Jira Service Management, we have not only improved our internal processes but also strengthened our competitive position in the market. We look forward to continuing this journey of innovation and operational excellence, making the most of the advanced capabilities offered by the Atlassian platform, and as next steps, we plan to include new group companies and areas in Jira Service Management.”

The migration process comprised the following steps:

  • Understanding the processes configured in ServiceNow with the focal points of each area;
  • Exploratory analysis of ServiceNow;
  • Design of the Jira Service Management solution;
  • Configuration of the Base processes and subsequent replication for each company, incorporating the characteristics and specific needs of each;
  • Configuration of standard indicators;
  • Integration with identity provider;
  • Validation;
  • Key user training;
  • Assisted operation.

Following the success of this strategic migration, Nimble Evolution continues to support the group in process improvement and the evolution of Atlassian product usage, ensuring maximum performance, reliability, and environment evolution through MYDAS, where we combine our years of experience as an official Atlassian partner with our expertise in process improvements.

For more information on how Jira Service Management can boost efficiency and reduce costs in your organization, contact us at

Nimble achieves Atlassian Cloud Specialization

Nimble Evolution, renowned for its market agility and innovation, proudly announces its official elevation to Atlassian’s Cloud Specialized Partner status. This achievement underscores Nimble Evolution’s ability to deliver quality services consistently within the Atlassian ecosystem, aiming to optimize client satisfaction and outcomes.

São Paulo, Brazil – February 23, 2024. Nimble Evolution, a Brazilian company specializing in IT solutions and recognized for innovation and agility within the Atlassian partner ecosystem, proudly announces its attainment of Atlassian’s Cloud Specialized Partner status.

This specialization solidifies Nimble Evolution’s expertise in Atlassian cloud tools such as Jira, Confluence, and Trello. The company also demonstrates proficiency in implementing, migrating, and supporting these tools, ensuring customers receive consistent service.

To achieve the Atlassian Cloud Specialization, Nimble Evolution underwent an evaluation process by Atlassian, showcasing technical knowledge in cloud tools and experience in implementation, migration, and support.

“Atlassian congratulates Nimble Evolution on their specialized practice in cloud solutions, as they have a proven track record in migrating operations and supporting enterprise-level use cases on the Atlassian Cloud platform,” said Ko Mistry, Atlassian’s Global Channel Chief.

Comprehensive and Customized Solutions for Your Cloud Journey

As an Atlassian Cloud Specialized Partner, Nimble offers a portfolio of services to assist companies in their adoption journey of Atlassian cloud. With this new recognition, Nimble is poised to:

  • Assess clients’ needs and recommend tailored solutions.
  • Implement Atlassian cloud tools quickly and efficiently.
  • Migrate data from legacy systems to the Atlassian cloud.
  • Provide training and support to end-users.

About Nimble Evolution

Nimble Evolution, formerly known as OAT Solutions, was founded in 2004. It operates across various segments and offers clients:

  • IT consultancy: Needs analysis, strategic planning, and selection of suitable solutions.
  • Solution implementation: Installation, configuration, and customization of software, including Atlassian products.
  • Custom software development: Tailored solutions to meet specific client needs.
  • Technical support: Specialized technical assistance for software and IT solutions.

In 2023, the company underwent a rebranding, changing its name to Nimble Evolution. This change reflects the company’s constant evolution and commitment to offering increasingly agile and efficient solutions to its clients.

Created by Nimble Evolution, MYDAS® is here to empower your organization to achieve optimal outcomes with Atlassian solutions.

Atlassian is globally renowned for its revolutionary tech solutions like Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Bitbucket, and Trello, which have become indispensable for streamlining processes. Therefore, maximizing the performance of each solution is crucial.

With frequent innovations and increasingly comprehensive solutions, Atlassian has experienced exponential growth compared to the rate of professional development. The market faces a shortage of experts, leaving companies that adopt these tools unable to fully leverage their potential.

As an integral part of the Atlassian ecosystem since 2009 and a Platinum Solution Partner, Nimble Evolution actively tracks the growth of the customer base and the challenges faced by the market.

Throughout this partnership, we have gained extensive experience in consulting, implementation, customization, and training across various Atlassian tools.

Our team holds certifications in key Atlassian tools and has a proven track record of helping companies from all sectors achieve their goals.

MYDAS® was developed based on our experience and interactions with clients who heavily rely on Atlassian solutions, understanding the market’s need for specialists.

MYDAS® goes beyond just support services, limited-time consultancy, or endless allocations.

Through MYDAS®, we bring together the best in four fundamental aspects for companies relying on Atlassian solutions:

  • Consultancy led by experienced and certified professionals.
  • Knowledge transfer to enhance client autonomy, including formal training.
  • Excellent support service.
  • Licensing Cost Optimization, upgrades, and renewals.

How does MYDAS® work?

Nimble Evolution takes care of your Atlassian environment by combining specialized consultancy, support, and training so that your teams can fully benefit from the Jira, Jira Service Management, Confluence, and other tools. In MYDAS®, we provide a dedicated Atlassian expert from the Nimble team, committed to supporting the understanding of your needs, planning, executing, and validating the necessary activities to optimize your tools.

Explore each service included in MYDAS®:

  • Consultancy: MYDAS® includes a package of dedicated hours from the Nimble team for consultancy and support in utilizing the brand’s tools. We emphasize team focus to reduce dependency on a specific consultant.
  • Knowledge transfer: Through MYDAS®, your organization gains access to training slots per month, granting entry to all courses in the NE1 program. This means that besides mastering Atlassian solutions, MYDAS® clients have free access to courses in Business Agility, Scrum, Kanban, Management3.0, and OKRs, among others.
  • Excellent support service: With MYDAS®, your organization will benefit from Diamond Support, the most robust option from Nimble Evolution to ensure flawless tool operation, continuous improvement, and professional development for those involved in tool operation/administration.
  • Licensing Cost Optimization: Total costs with salaries, taxes, and other labor expenses in Brazil can be quite burdensome for some companies compared to the output delivered by an in-house client team or, worse, by professionals who may lack the dedication required for excellent delivery.

On the other hand, MYDAS® represents a significantly high return on investment – by combining consultancy, training, and support for your organization – compared to other hiring alternatives.

Interested in learning more about MYDAS® and discovering the possibilities of the Atlassian universe? Get in touch or email us at

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